'The Way'

Elliott, Wales

“I’m going to be honest, I first heard of the Camino watching the movie ‘The Way’. Maybe not the coolest thing to say, but that’s how it was. I watched it some time ago but it managed to stay with me, somewhere deep inside.

By early 2014 I found myself living in London, a city that sapped the life from me, in a job I loathed, on a career path I didn’t want, in a home situation where I felt isolated and in a relationship that wasn’t making me happy – and I had nothing on the horizon but the same existence on drab, monotonous repeat.

That’s when the Camino resurfaced in my mind. So I quit my job, sold everything but the most dear possessions, left my flat, ended my relationship and stepped onto the Way. I went alone, I vowed not to make contact with friends or family, not to use social media and not to take photographs – I was going to experience it just for me, take each day as it comes, and experience ‘isolation.’

But I wasn’t really alone, not at all. I met amazing people, opened myself to their unique stories, and in turn shared mine. I learnt so much about myself, things I couldn’t have without their help. I grew as a person, learned to have faith, and began to listen to my spirit for the first time.

I began the Camino on my own with a goal and idea in my mind, I ended it with the best people and friends I’ve ever known, and the Camino firmly held in my heart.”

Elliott, Wales